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7 Reasons Why you Should Hire a Real Estate Agent on Today’s Market

While it can be appealing to conduct the home buying and selling process on your own, you may want to see first what benefits you will get when you hire a real estate agent.

Here are a few reasons why it's recommended to work with an agent when you are selling or buying.

1. Hiring a real estate agent is free!!- You read it right! Hiring a real estate agent is free. So, you are practically taking advantage of their knowledge of neighborhoods, schools, contracts, etc. Why not take this opportunity to have a Realtor help you with your search for a new home? It’s absolutely free, the agent is paid by the seller.

2. Negotiation Skills- Negotiating is a part of a Real Estate agent's life. They do it every day that’s why real estate agents are great at it. Agents can find out how much the seller has into the property, if the seller will give credit for closing costs, etc. Always remember that Realtors will always prioritize what’s best for their clients.

3. Knowledge of market conditions- All agents probably belong to their local MLS system. One of the most valuable resources a Realtor can offer is unlimited access to the Multiple Listing Service or MLS. They pay good money for their technology each year and they depend on systems that will help give them the data they need in order to serve you more efficiently. They will know the average days on the market in your neighborhood, price per sq.ft, as well as average list price and the average sold price.

4. Knowledge of neighborhoods- Hardworking real estate agents practically live in their cars. They are out touring houses and neighborhoods at all hours, 7 days a week. They know what the up-and-coming neighborhoods are and they know what the comparable homes are selling for. They also can guide you to online websites that will give you more knowledge of the schools in the area, crime, etc. This information will be helpful when picking a home in a specific neighborhood that you don’t know much about.

5. Word of Mouth Marketing- Real estate agents know other real estate agents, and word of mouth is often the best advertising. Both your Realtor and other Realtors will see your home, keep it cataloged in their memory, and bring it to the attention of potential buyers. In some instances, your listing agent might have a buyer in mind before the house even hits the market. That social and professional network isn’t something you can create on your own, and it’s priceless.

6. Tips That Can Help Your Home Sell- An experienced agent can help you make your home sale-ready by offering specific staging advice, suggesting repairs, or pointing out code violations. This expert guidance will save you both time and money; you’ll appeal to buyers more quickly, and home inspectors are less likely to find unwelcome surprises that could jeopardize the deal.

7. Handling loads of Paperwork- Purchase agreements are about 14 pages long sometimes more. Real estate agents deal with these contracts on a daily basis, so they can walk you through the contract with ease. One tiny mistake could land you in court or cost you thousands of dollars. Avoid this major responsibility by hiring an agent who has experience.

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